Secondary Science


USTAR Summer Classes 2016

USTAR courses are opportunities for students to accelerate and, in some cases, remediate their progress in mathematics and science coursework.  Most courses provide a full credit designed to accelerate student progress; those taught by the quarter can be used for credit recovery.  Thereis no charge for JSD students.

Registration window is March 14 through May 20.  To register for the class, please follow the URL link for the class of interest.  The password is Jordan.  Once the password has been entered, click the green register button in the upper right corner. 

For all USTAR courses:

  • Students are required to be on time and to attend all classes.  Students who accumulate more than 12 hours of tardies or absences will receive a NC or no credit (with a doctor’s note) or fail (without a note).  The exception will be classes that are taught on a per quarter basis.  Students may miss up to 3 hours/quarter without loss of credit in these courses. 
  • All classes will receive weekly progress reports and one final grade that is added in the fall quarter.  
  • Students may only take one USTAR summer core class.  Technology short courses are not considered core classes. 
  • Students may attend classes at any school but transportation is not available.
  • A class may be cancelled if a minimum number of students do not register.

STEM Courses:

Earth Science




Quarter 1

Quarter 3

 Quarter 2

 Quarter 4

Marine Biology

Short Courses
(Credit is not available for these courses)

Robotics with the NAO Robot

Lego Mindstorm Robotics

West Hills Middle School

South Hills Middle School

Computer Programming

West Hills Middle School

South Hills Middle School