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Game Templates and Tools

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Download Zip files may contain music files


Battlegraph (ppt) Sink the Ships with coordinate pairs

Bingo Card Create your own set of words and print 25 computer generated bingo cards (pdf)

Bingo Master by Steve Mashburn

Blank Bingo Card

Cubes Game Board doc 

The Factor Game Board doc

Game Board doc- colorful game board template with instructions  (board 2board 3)

Reading Games pdf (primary grades)

Salute card game that integrates basic addition and subtraction (2-3 grade)


Big Board zip -like jeopardy for 6 teams

Deal or No Deal zip

Family Feud zip

Millionaire zip

Price is Right zip

Pyramid zip

Smarter Than a Fifth Grader zip

Weakest Link zip

Wheel of Fortune zip

Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Game Tools

Jeopardy Template

Big Board similar to Jeopardy but in teams
with Instructions and Instructions for Office 2007

Blank Single Jeopardy

Boat Race  click on the colored squares to move boats toward the finish line.  Team questions

Bubble Jeopardy 6 column

Family Feud by PTT Inc.  for teams

Guess What's On Louie's Mind with instructions

Guess the Covered Word and Hink Pinks developed byJoanne Whitley

Hillsborough Squares and Holiday Squares

Millionaire plain, no music

Password vocabulary review

20 Questions

Scavenger Hunt

Smarter Than a ? Grader  put any grade level

Survivor Math Example Grammar Example

Twenty Questions

Weakest Link

The Willmington Stakes horse race, click on color of team to move the horses with any questions


Bingo Master generates set of 25 bingo cards, just put in names and definitions on master sheet

Block Pattern (cube/die with ? marks) pdf

Cube with colored dots 1-3  pdf

Spinner with 1-6, go back one space and miss a turn   pdf

Spinner blank spinner (2 hands could be used as a clock)

Game Spinner

Timers  choose your full-screen timer, stopwatch or countdown clock. Downloadable.   Calculator available as well .